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Salay Trailer

Salay Trailer



Desperate to escape her circumstances, Salay is intent on getting an education even if it means leaving everything she knows.

Last Flight to Abuja Trailer

Last Flight to Abuja Trailer

Last Flight to Abuja

20121h 15mPG

A Nigerian commercial plane experiences midair difficulty and a series of flashbacks unravel the twists and turns that put each passenger on that fateful flight.

shoeshine boy movie

No trailer yet, sorry.



Set in a busy street of Dar es Salaam, a shoeshine boy offers us a conscious and subconscious perspective of an artistic depiction of the life, aspirations, and perspectives of a working child.

Soul Boy Trailer

Soul Boy Trailer

Soul Boy


A 14-year-old learns his foolish father has gambled away his soul to a witch. Now he must race throughout Nairobi, hoping to cure his father as the clock ticks down.