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shoeshine boy movie

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Set in a busy street of Dar es Salaam, a shoeshine boy offers us a conscious and subconscious perspective of an artistic depiction of the life, aspirations, and perspectives of a working child.

Gog Helen Trailer

Gog Helen Trailer

Gog Helen

20121h 17mMA

Gog’ Helen lives a simple life in a shantytown until she and her only beautiful granddaughter Agnes, become sucked into a life-and-death race against time.

Fish of the Land Trailer

Fish of the Land Trailer

Fish of the Land


On the auspicious day when Godfrey launches the first Tanzanian cellular company, he is involved in a fatal accident.

Joy Trailer

Joy Trailer



A Nigerian woman living in America, struggles to convince her traditionalist husband not to circumcise their ten-year-old daughter.